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    Why Us

    At Incepte Pte Ltd., our team of web designers and developers has a wide knowledge and extensive experience. For several years, we have delivered outstanding ecommerce and corporate websites to our clients. These websites have successfully brought them quality leads and actual customers – all thanks to our systematic process and impeccable web designs.Here at our agency, we don’t just settle for aesthetically pleasing websites. We want your customers to enjoy their experience while navigating through your web pages.To date, our agency has served many companies in Singapore and in other regions, ranging from SMEs to MNCs. Whether you are a brand with a physical store or an ecommerce, our website design and development team can certainly help you.

    What We Can Help You To Achieve

    Here at Incepte Pte Ltd., we are driven by passion and results. Thus, we won’t stop until we have already helped your company achieve the following through our web design and development services.

    Website That Is Ready For Conversions | Incepte Pte Ltd
    A website that is ready for conversions
    SEO Ready website | Incepte Pte Ltd
    SEO Ready website
    Customised Design Website | Incepte Pte Ltd
    Customised Design Website

    Introduction of Website Design & Development and its importance

    Website Design is everything that your website is – the contents, the way it looks and the way it works. Its development is a process of conceptualizing and archiving a collection of electronic files that will determine the visual aesthetics of the website that the end-users will see. This comprises of the architectural layout, colour, theme, text and graphics.

    Simply put, web design is not a task for amateurs. If you want your business to grow, the help of experts, such as the team from Incepte Pte Ltd., is necessary.

    In Singapore, websites are extremely important as we have one of the highest internet penetration in the world! If you neglect your website design, it’s almost synonymous to losing large scale business opportunities.

    With trends and customer needs constantly changing, websites need to stay relevant to continuously attract users. This is what Incepte Pte Ltd. team specializes in. As a web design and development agency, we are always on the lookout for the best and newest trends that could help your web design win the market.

    Having a clean and elegant website for your business in Singapore will portray credibility and professionalism in this world of ecommerce and will help to sustain in the market for the long run.

    Since we are already talking about web design and development, it is only fitting to discuss other important concepts as well. Your web design and developer should be aware of these concepts in order to build an effective web page for your business.

    Branding and Your Website Design
    Branding on the website aims to leave a highly memorable impression of your brand due to its consistency and prominent visual representation on your web page. It is critical for the website design to reflect the personality of the person, service or product that the site is used for.

    Navigation in Website Design
    Navigation is the umbrella structure that uses straightforward tags and tabs to access different key content areas that are available in the site. It is important to have a fluid web design so that users will have a seamless experience when visiting your website. A solid structure is beneficial, most especially if you are running an ecommerce whether in Singapore or in any part of the globe.

    Call to Action in your website are interactive buttons on the site that urge visitors to interact and perform an action on the site. Some examples include “Go”, “Search”, “Buy”.

    But placing it randomly on your web design isn’t going to cut it. It should be strategic, and it should stand out. Otherwise, your visitors will be clueless on what they need to do next. This simple, yet critical rule, is a must for an effective web design.

    Difference of UX and UI
    User Experience (UX) design is a conglomeration of tasks focused on optimization of a service/product for effective and enjoyable use. User Interface (UI) design on the other hand, is its complement that creates the look and feel of the web design.

    What You Need in a Web Design
    It is important that as a website owner, you know the most critical features that can help your web design. Below are some of the considerations when you are asking a pool of experts, such as the Incepte Pte Ltd. team to work on your web page.

    Mobile Responsive
    Mobile-based searches now make up about one quarter of all searches. Thus, it is important for any website design to look pleasing in any screen to showcase professionalism.

    Solid Foundation
    HTML is an underlying code used to design the structure and content of the web pages. Your web designer and developer from Incepte Pte Ltd. must use the right code in order to formulate a strong foundation for your website.

    Simple to Maintain
    If errors were to occur, immediate back-end troubleshooting will be used to keep the page up to date. Thus, it is necessary that your website design must be simple so that solutions could be implemented right away.

    Speed Optimization
    Visitors’ retention, loyalty and user satisfaction from websites are highly related to the loading time. Some aspects which are known to affect the speed of page load, include browser/server cache, image optimization, and encryption.

    eCommerce Solution
    A comprehensive eCommerce marketing plan should be devised to attract visitors and convert them into buyers. This is what our team at Incepte Pte Ltd. is well-versed at. We even analyze the conversion funnel before coming up with a solid web design.

    Creative Design
    The look and feel of your website should uniquely cater to the personality of your branding. Plus, it should adhere to the current trend that customers are attracted to.

    The colour themes, typography and images will be constantly vetted and compared to the trending statistics.

    Our Clients

    For years, our agency has successfully implemented and executed digital marketing campaigns for different businesses in various industries in Singapore and neighboring countries.


    See why Incepte Pte Ltd. is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Our clients have spoken, and we are proud of the results we delivered to their companies.

    Mr Tan

    Incepte has been one of the most flexible agencies we have come across, that has allow us to expand during peak periods. After started working with them since 2017. We have grow tremendously under their help. A great agency to work with!

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    After working with multiple agencies, one of the key value added service that Incepte provides was their clear explanation and recommendations of reports. That has provided our company with key information that allows our company to grow. Good job guys!

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    Been working with incepte for a couple or years now and to date they’ve been really great to work with. They’ve remained consistent in their delivery, comprehensive in their planning and consultations and very responsive when meeting deadlines, all with a pleasant and friendly fore-front balanced with a professional attitude. An overall great company to work with for your digital marketing and website solutions.

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    Wanted just a website creation when we were referred by a friend to Incepte. It eventually grow to a full scale marketing campaign where we are still working closely with Incepte for digital marketing services such as SEO and SEM. Definitely one of the most responsive agencies out there.

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    Have worked with Michael for a few years now. He has been helpful in providing important insights which no one else has. This has help in some key decisions that I made for my company. Definitely an expert in his field.

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    We were quite skeptical engaging Incepte at first as we have been ‘burnt’ by gurus or so call experts in their fields. However, Incepte has showed us and explained to us what we have done for the past few years. Instead of just selling us their marketing services, they showed us what our strength and weakness for our online presence. This was something that no other company has done for us. So we took a leap of faith and since then we never looked back. Thank you Incepte!

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