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    We are one of top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies in Singapore. Finding the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company in Singapore is no easy feat. Many agencies will claim that they are the best, only to provide you with unsatisfactory results. But with Incepte Pte Ltd., we guarantee results that could bring businesses growth. Our services are top-notched and is considered one of the most reliable companies in Singapore.

    What We Can Help You To Achieve

    We are your partner to ensure that your business website falls on the top page pf search engines. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us.

    Increase Online Leads | SEO Agency in Singapore | Incepte Pte Ltd
    Increase Online Leads and E-Commerce Sales
    Rank Your Keywords on Page 1 | Best SEO Company | Incepte Pte Ltd
    Rank Your Keywords on Page 1
    Increase Organic Web Traffic | SEO Agency | Incepte Pte Ltd
    Increase Organic Web Traffic and Quality of Traffic
    Increase Online Presence | Search Engine Optimization | Incepte Pte Ltd
    Increase Online Presence

    Introduction of
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Its Importance

    According to research, the surest way to get your name out there is to engage in a rigorous strategy of search engine optimization (SEO).

    In a nutshell, SEO aims to place your website at the first page of search engines like Google or Bing. If you must know, online users would usually click the links found at the first page and would naturally neglect others. If your website isn’t positioned well, you are at a disadvantage and could lose a substantial amount of business.

    At Incepte Pte Ltd., we ensure that an optimal degree of brand awareness is created among audiences while encouraging potential customers to visit your brand’s webpage. Essentially, we try to influence them so they will purchase your services and products.

    Our SEO Process

    Our extensive SEO job scope includes research of keywords, performing technical analyses on your website, constantly optimizing our strategies and building links which aim to maximize quality traffic while guaranteeing high conversions rates. Here’s what a Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency such as Incepte Pte Ltd. does for your business.

    SEO Key Features

    Themes focus

    Our team suggests the best themes that will work best for your website and the market.

    Web Audit Report

    We offer web audit report as part of our Search Engine Optimization strategy. It forms as our baseline so we can provide the best solutions for your company.

    Recommendation Report

    Once we have the data at hand, we will complete a recommendation report so that our team of experts has a blueprint on the best strategies fit for your needs.

    Off Page Optimization

    At Incepte Pte Ltd., we also do link building and we work on your social media accounts to strengthen your website’s online visibility.

    SEO Copywriting

    Our team of copywriters will curate your SEO content and insert words and phrases designed to guarantee a high spot on the search result page.

    Removal of Toxic Links

    Toxic links can hurt your search engine ranking. Thus, we audit your website and remove these links, ensuring that your webpage stays visible and will not get penalized.

    Detailed Monthly Reporting

    Incepte Pte Ltd. is tagged as one of the best SEO agencies as we provide monthly reporting. This allows you to see the performance of your website with our SEO strategies.


    See why Incepte Pte Ltd. is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Our clients have spoken, and we are proud of the results we delivered to their companies.

    Mr Tan

    Incepte has been one of the most flexible agencies we have come across, that has allow us to expand during peak periods. After started working with them since 2017. We have grow tremendously under their help. A great agency to work with!

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    After working with multiple agencies, one of the key value added service that Incepte provides was their clear explanation and recommendations of reports. That has provided our company with key information that allows our company to grow. Good job guys!

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    Been working with incepte for a couple or years now and to date they’ve been really great to work with. They’ve remained consistent in their delivery, comprehensive in their planning and consultations and very responsive when meeting deadlines, all with a pleasant and friendly fore-front balanced with a professional attitude. An overall great company to work with for your digital marketing and website solutions.

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    Wanted just a website creation when we were referred by a friend to Incepte. It eventually grow to a full scale marketing campaign where we are still working closely with Incepte for digital marketing services such as SEO and SEM. Definitely one of the most responsive agencies out there.

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    Have worked with Michael for a few years now. He has been helpful in providing important insights which no one else has. This has help in some key decisions that I made for my company. Definitely an expert in his field.

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    We were quite skeptical engaging Incepte at first as we have been ‘burnt’ by gurus or so call experts in their fields. However, Incepte has showed us and explained to us what we have done for the past few years. Instead of just selling us their marketing services, they showed us what our strength and weakness for our online presence. This was something that no other company has done for us. So we took a leap of faith and since then we never looked back. Thank you Incepte!

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    1. What are your SEO package inclusive of?

    Our SEO packages consist of
    1. Keyword Analysis Report where we identify the keywords that your website can optimise.

    2. Website Audit Report where we identify the technical issues the website has and we will solve those as well.

    3. SEO Onsite Recommendation Report where we recommend the onsite changes such as Meta Titles, Tags, Descriptions among others.

    4. Offsite Optimisation where we will provide a monthly detailed reports on all the backlinks we created for your website.

    5. SEO Copywriting on pages we are optimising when necessary

    6. Monthly detailed report

    7. Google analytics tracking to find out website traffic, bounce rate, conversions, etc.

    8. Competitor Analysis Report when necessary

    2. What tools are you using for SEO strategy?

    We use multiple tools including SEM Rush, Majestic, Keywordtool, Screaming Frog, Xenu, Agency Analytics, Google Webmaster, among others. For some scenarios, we will also have to do some manual analysis.

    3. When can I expect my website to rank on search engines?

    This is the million dollar question where most clients will ask. The answer is we do not know. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Some common factors are:

    1. Is the company industry in a competitive one? If yes, the chances are it may take longer than others. However there are ways we can go around this by analysing the industry further.
    2. Is the website new? If yes, the chances are it may take longer than those who have optimised their website before. Or website has been indexed by Google for quite some time.
    3. Are the keywords your website is optimising competitive? If yes, since there are many competitors fighting for the same keyword, it may take longer than others to get ranked. However, we do provide a strategy to counter this.

    There are many other factors we will need to take into consideration. However, most of our clients see results between 3-9 months regardless which industries they are in. Do contact us to understand more!

    4. What is your edge against your competitors?

    There are 4 key USPs that we have:

    1. Instead of a 10 keyword, 20 keyword or 30 keyword package, we provide a theme based package which usually allows minimum of 60 to more than 200 keywords from our basic package.
    2. As part of our SEO package, we always provide SEO copywriting on the pages we are optimising. Moreover, monthly blog writing is also part of our scope of work.
    3. We provide detailed reports where we show more than just the SEO rankings improvements. We also provide Google Analytics analysis and detailed monthly backlink reports.
    4. Manual removal of toxic backlinks. Some backlinks turned toxic after months or years which will result in negative impact to your SEO rankings.
    5. What are the best SEO strategies you can do for my website?

    There are so many ways to improve a website seo rankings and our strategies may change depending on what works best for each client. However, there are some unavoidable ones such as thorough auditing of your website. We need to make sure that the website itself has no technical issues. Quality backlinks and removal of toxic backlinks are equally important. Value of contents are also extremely important and we do not stuff keywords into your contents. We always do an audit again when the current strategies do not work.

    6. Is SEO better than SEM?

    In general, if we are looking at quality traffic and conversions. I would say SEO may be better for most. However, if we take others into consideration such as the time it requires to reach the ‘optimal’ seo traffic and conversions, we will need to relook into a bigger picture. Some clients suits SEO better due to their industry and time-frame. For example, a client in money lending business is not allowed to do SEM. Or, a service provider that is looking in a longer term digital strategy.

    SEO & SEM both has their pros and cons. We usually need to understand the client’s objectives and industries so we can better advise if SEO or SEM is suitable for them.

    7. Should I still consider SEO if my website already has a good ranking?

    If you think you are ranking well on Google now, it does not mean you will also be having a good ranking in future. More and more competitors are going into digital marketing. It is good that you have a first mover advantage as you started early but it is always good to continue working on SEO. More than just maintaining your current rankings, you may also start looking to optimise other suitable keywords just in case Google search trend changes.

    8. What is On-page and Off-page SEO?

    Onsite Optimization involves making sure the website pages, titles, tags, content, headings, Alt tag and overall structure are optimized for your target keywords. Also making sure the website is search engine friendly without any crawling or indexing errors.

    Offsite optimization is the concept of having other sites link back to your website, that works on improving authority in the industry. This activity includes creating quality backlinks through different backlinking methods like Social bookmarking, Business Listing, Local Listing, classified listing etc.

    9. How do you keep your team updated with the latest SEO trends?

    To keep track of Latest SEO trend – We prefer tools like Google Trend, Google Search Console, SEMrush and more. It also involves regular website monitoring and keeping track of Google and other search engine updates.

    10. How do you track SEO performance?

    We track our SEO performance mainly from Google Analytics. Some of the key metrics we look at are:

    1. The keyword rankings
    2. Organic Traffic to your website
    3. Bounce Rates
    4. Number of Users/New Users
    5. No. of Sessions
    6. Time users spent on the website
    7. Conversions [Enquiry Form, buttons (Whatsapp etc), Add to Cart, Check Out and more].

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